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The Importance of Correct Oil Sampling for Machinery Oil Analysis

Oil sampling is one of the most important parts of any oil analysis program. In fact, the effectiveness of the whole program depends on the suitability of the sampling practices. Any good sampling practice should address below items: The oil analysis will fail to reach to its goals if it is not accompanied with correct […]

ISO 1940 for Dynamic Balancing

ISO 1940 provides a criteria for evaluating the residual unbalance in rotors. There are several classes of allowable residual unbalance based  on the rotor type. This post is a review on ISO 1940 (coming soon). PrevPREVIOUS

Thermography Inspection for Misalignment Detection

When misalignment occurs, it cause extra load on the coupling, its components and shaft. This usually results in temperature increasing in these parts. Thermography inspection can reveal any unusual thermal pattern and it is very helpful to detect misalignment by directly inspecting the coupling, shafts and nearby bearings.

The Value of Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Condition Monitoring (CM)

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is usually thought of as the use of condition monitoring technologies to detect machinery faults at an early stage, allowing planned corrective maintenance on an as-needed basis.These technologies include vibration, thermography, ultrasound, motor current, and oil analysis. Of these, Vibration-based PdM programs have proven their worth in managing rotating machinery, and the […]

Precision Shaft Alignment

Alignment is an important part of a successful proactive maintenance program for all rotating shafts. It is a good practice to have written procedures for conducting shaft alignment. The procedures should cover the methods and  tools needed for each different kind of rotating machines available in any plant. Laser alignment method is the chosen one […]

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