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Fan Balancing (Onsite- Dynamic)

On-Site, In-Place, Dynamic, Low Cost

VibeLube specializes in On-Site Dynamic Balancing of rotors of all types of Industrial / Commercial rotating equipment such as Fans, Spindles, Turbines, and Generators.
Fans are the most demanding equipment for balancing. We balance all types of fans comprising (but not limited to):
* Supply fans, Exhaust fans                                  * Blowers
* Scrubber Fans, Dust Collector Fans                  * Cooling Towers
* Forced Draft (FD) Fans, Induced Draft (ID) Fans     * Air Handling Units, Air Make-up Units
In places like:
  • All Manufacturing, Processing & Production Plants
  • Hospitals, Government Buildings, Office Buildings, Colleges & Universities, Malls & Shopping Centers, Warehouses & Logistic Facilities

Why Balancing?

Mass imbalance is the most common cause of high vibrations in the fans and other rotating equipment. New manufactured fans are factory balanced within acceptable levels, however the level of imbalance can change (worsen) due to many reasons like:
  • Shipment and installation induced imbalance
  • Repair of fan blades (welding of broken or cracked blades)
  • Accumulation of dust and other deposits from process flow on fan blades
  • Maintenance actions, like changing bearings, or cleaning
  • Erosion, corrosion and wear of fan blades
  • Attempt of balancing the fan by unqualified person

Field Balancing of rotating assemblies has several significant advantages:

  • The rotor or fan impeller is balanced in its own bearings.
  • The rotor or fan impeller is balanced at normal operating speed and laod.
  • No need for tear down (disassembly) of rotor or fan impeller to sending a shop for balancing.
  • Downtime is greatly reduced. 
Equipment Troubleshooting

Call VibeLube to book your balancing job and gain a quality service including diagnosis.

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