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Machinery Lubrication I (MLT-I)

Machinery Lubrication I (MLT-I)
West Fraser (Norbord) - Barwick, ON, Jan. 2024
Machinery Lubrication I (MLT-I)
Machinery Lubrication I (MLT-I)
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About the course:

This course will advance the lubrication knowledge of Maintenance & Reliability Technicians
Based on the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) Body of Knowledge, This hands-on course is designed to give you not just the theory but practical tools you can use to help transform your lubrication program.
The course is instructed by a knowledgeable and highly experienced Lubrication specialist who knows plants lubrication problems. After the course completion, trainees will be able to optimize lubrication PMs, select proper lubricants (oil and grease), implement good lubrication practice, improve maintenance costs and increase uptime (MTBF). Attendees learn how to:
  • identify, prevent, and remediate lubricant contamination.
  • manage, and utilize a world-class lubricant storage, handling, and dispensing system.
  • take oil sample properly and interpret oil analysis results.
  • modify equipment for lubrication, inspection, oil analysis, and contamination control.
  • identify gaps in lubrication program and create a game plan for success.
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Course Topics:

Day 1

  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Role of Lubrication in Machine Reliability
  • Lubrication Theory and Fundamentals
  • Understanding Additives, Base Oils, and Grease Thickeners

Day 3

    • Lubricant Contamination Control
    • Lube Storage and Management
    • Oil Drains, Flushing, and Reservoir Management
    • Storing, Handling, and Managing Lubricants
    • Used Oil Sampling and Analysis Fundamentals
    • Essential Field Inspections

Day 2

    • Oil Applications
    • Grease Applications
    • Journal Bearing / Rolling Bearing Lubricants
    • Gear Lubricants
    • Automotive Lubricants
    • Compressor Lubricants
    • Steam and Gas Turbine Lubricants
    • Hydraulic Fluids

Know The Instructor:

Iraj (Roy) ZARIEH is president of ‘VibeLube Inc.’ a Trainer, Consultant, and service provider in Reliability, and Condition Monitoring. Over 20 years, Roy has instructing certification training courses in ‘Machinery Vibration Analysis’ (level I–II-III) & Machinery Lubrication (level I–II). He is certified level III vibration analyst (Vibration Institute) and Level II Lubrication Analyst (MLT/MLA II) (ICML). His experience spans more than three decades in various industrial sectors with senior engineering and reliability roles and strong work experience/portfolio in plant’s Condition Monitoring & Reliability.
  • Course Registration Fee is C$1800 for in-person (in-class) and C$1600 for Live Online

  • A 10% discount applies to three or more registrants from a company.

The certification exam is on the morning of the next day of the course completion (day-3) provided by ICML. For more information visit and also click: Certification Exam.

  • All Maintenance Personnel
  • Craftsmen and Millwrights
  • Mechanics
  • Equipment Operators
  • Predictive Maintenance Technicians
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Predictive Maintenance Technicians
  • Maintenance Managers and supervisors
  • Lubrication Technicians
  • Operations Managers

The training course begins at 8:00 a.m. and concludes at 5:00 p.m. every day. All trainees in the Machinery Lubrication I (MLT I) will receive:

  • Course Power Points
  • Class Notes
  • Workbook
  • Certificate of Training Completion

in-house (private) training

VibeLube instructs in-house training courses all year round. Contact us for information and to book your training.

Thank you for your interest!

We are happy to hold a private (in-house) training course. Please click the button below page and leave a detailed message with your contact info. Your instructor ‘Roy’ will get in touch with you shortly.