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Vibration Analysis ISO Category III
Vibration Analysis ISO Category III
Vibration Analysis ISO Category III
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Vibration Analysis III

About the course:

The Category-III course is 5 days long and suits those folks who want to take a higher level of vibration analysis practice, either advancing in day-to-day field work or leading a team of vibration analysts. It is also essential to take this course if you are running a Reliability and Condition Monitoring program.
Individuals certified to Category-III are qualified to perform and/or direct and/or establish programs for vibration condition monitoring and advanced diagnostics of machines. Personnel classified to Category III require all the knowledge and skills expected of personnel classified to Category II, and shall also be qualified to:
  1. select vibration instrumentation hardware and software for both online & offline systems.
  2. create quality database with customized parameter sets.
  3. establish vibration monitoring programs and acceptance testing criteria.
  4. do precise spectral and time domain analysis.
  5. do HFD analysis using Demodulation or PeakVue
  6. recommend corrective actions.
  7. Write quality reports for any CM, diagnosis, or acceptance testing jobs.
  8. perform single & double-plane dynamic balancing.
  9. provide instructions and technical direction to vibration trainees.
  10. direct the use of alternative condition monitoring techniques such as acoustic emission, thermography, motor current, and oil analysis.
To register for an upcoming public course, go to the Home page and select the training (Click Here).
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Know The Instructor:

Iraj (Roy) ZARIEH is president of VibeLube Inc., a Trainer, Consultant, and service provider in Reliability, and Condition Monitoring Techniques. Over 20 years, Roy has instructed training courses in ‘Machinery Vibration Analysis’ (level I–II-III) and machinery Lubrication (level I–II). Roy is a certified level III vibration analyst by CMVA & Vibration Institute. His experience spans more than three decades in various industrial sectors with senior engineering roles and strong work experience/portfolio in Advanced Machinery Vibration Analysis.
  • Course Fee is C$3900 for in-person (in-class) and C$3600 for Live Online registration

  • A 10% discount applies to three or more registrants from a company.

The certification exam is on the course completion day (day-5, afternoon) provided by Canadian Machinery Vibration Association (CMVA). For more information visit and also click: Certification Exam.

Everyone with any technical background who attended VA CAT-II training course and has valid VA CAT-II certification, can attend the course.

The training course begins at 8:00 a.m. and concludes at 5:00 p.m. every day. All attendees in the training course will receive:

  • Course PowerPoint
  • Class Notes
  • Workbook
  • Certificate of Training Completion

Private (in-house) training

VibeLube instructs in-house training courses all year round. Contact us for information and to book your training.

Thank you for your interest!

We are happy to hold a private (in-house) training course. Please click the button below page and leave a detailed message with your contact info. Your instructor ‘Roy’ will get in touch with you shortly.